Experience Emotional Freedom, Quantum Healing & Relaxation

Whether you are looking for a deeply relaxing experience to enhance your already balanced state or you need help with a condition such as Anxiety, Fear, Anger, Depression, Low Self Worth etc, each consultation and session is uniquely tailored to you and offers healing and deep relaxation of many levels via a combination of Quantum Energy Medicine, the use of frequency, vibration and sound, and an understanding of the fundamental sub-conscious programs dictating your habits and repetitive behaviours that ultimately undermine your attempts at breaking habits and achieving your desires despite your best intentions.

If you want the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of

Energy, Frequency and Vibration.

                                                                                         Nikola Tesla


Have you tried changing habits and emotional patterns that you know are limiting and preventing you from achieving a better way forward but you just keep falling back into the same old patterns over and over? My passion is helping you to change your perspective which, with understanding and guidance, can change your life! This can mean the difference between feeling at the mercy of a situation or feeling like you have options and choices that put you in the driver's seat with clarity and control, irrespective of your personal challenges. Emotional freedom and the peace that comes with it is a precious journey - let me help you understand your subconscious programs to enable you to take those all important first steps on your road to emotional freedom.



Healing & Emotional Freedom Session

Bliss Session & Chakra Tune Up

Connecting with your Spirit Guides

Guidance Reading