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My name is Malinda Ricketts

A thirst for exploring the greater consciousness and the forces that drive us have been an unrelenting passion since an early age.  Being an explorer at heart has led me, along with my beloved partner, to many sacred destinations across the globe, discovering and connecting with ancient sites, methods of healing, sacred ceremony and the power of the divine source within us all.


Gratitude Prayer.jpg
Freezing my Ass off!.JPG

Isla del Sol, Lake Titicaca, Bolivia

About Me

My greatest passions are:

  • The unseen realms & the mysteries of the metaphysical world;

  • The natural world - Gaia and all her inhabitants;

  • Facing my shadow self and evolving beyond its illusions;

  • Helping others to evolve beyond their own shadow selves;

  • Adventures in my home country & to distant shores;

  • My beloved partner in life and of course, Yoda!


Australian Red Kelpie

The coolest little guy and my mentor relating to unconditional love!

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